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Just wanted to let you know how Luna was doing. She is so smart in every way that you could ever want in a pup. At less than 5 months she was retrieving doves & loving it. Then we took a trip up to Canada to work on some ducks as you can see we limited out & she hit every mark that she was given. My buddies can not believe how well she is doing at a young age. Your bloodlines show how important your dogs are to you. The intelligence in Luna is unbelievable,when we talked about a hunting dog you told me what you could offer me & she is above & beyond that. At home she is a fun loving family dog, but when it's time to go to the field she knows its time to hunt. Thanks again for a great dog & a hunting partner.
Chris Runkie


Hi Kellyn,
I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have come across you as a breeder but more importantly as a person. Your ethics and heart are second to none.
It has been such a blast this whole year since we arrived at the airport to pick up Brea Anna and see her mature into such a beautiful and loving part of our family. Her early gentleness and compassion was a direct result of the time you and your family spent with her and I really appreciate the tender loving care you gave not just her but our family as a whole.
I look forward to getting another beautiful Lab from you soon. She is in need of an equally beautiful, compassionate and intelligent companion.
Your research and hard work shines through our Brea every moment we see her in our home and get a paw or a hug or a snuggle. Thank you so much! If ever I could give to you what you have given to our family you just name it!
Blessings to you and your family!
The Taylor Family- Keith, Tammy, Austin, & Brea Anna too. J


Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since our love affair with little Brooke began...
Everyone is totally blown away with her, she is the most perfect little girl in the whole world.
I worried to death all day the 26th of March, because the poor little thing would be on the airplane almost 9 hours,
but when they opened up the door at Delta cargo receiving, she was all wags and licks, just happy as a clam.
She rode in the car like she had done it her whole life. When we arrived home, once again, it was like she had always lived there.
Brooke is not afraid of anything and has social graces way beyond her age.
I checked out the testimonials on your web site and it would seem like this is normal for one of your puppies.
We have taken her to many large social functions and she mingles like a pro. I am so greatful for your attentiveness to your puppies, she is a dream.....Thank you again.
Oh, I forgot, I do have one gripe with you.
My husband is so in love with her that he insists she sleeps with us in bed. Not sure how that will work, but Brooke doesn't mind at all! She does sleep the whole night thru.
You sent me too good of a dog :)
I will keep in touch.
Take care,


We Love our little Luna so much!  She is the perfect addition to our family. We just cant believe how smart she is! I think she understand English!!!  She likes everything we like: road trips, camping, boating, fishing, and she's learning how to be Josh's hunting partner.  Luna is SO smart and obedient; she even won 'Best Retriever' in her puppy class (up against 3 other labs!).  Luna was definitely worth the wait. We are so thankful to have Luna!!

Dear Lance and Kellyn,
We have been extremely happy with her.  She does keep us on our toes! She is quite the swimmer and retrieves on land and in water.  She has a nose on her beyond her age.  She is finding coveys of wild quail on the property and her manners are getting better every day.  David started letting her lay in his lap when he was in his recliner shortly after we brought her home.  I warned him she would be 65 pounds and still wanting in his lap.  She is now 45 pounds and you guessed it, she still thinks she should be in his lap.  When I am working with her, she looks right into my eyes like she knows what we are trying to accomplish and does very well. We have been dove hunting a bit.  She goes and gets the doves but by the time she gets them to me, they are pretty mangled.  We're working on it.  My older lab, Josie was pretty "hard mouthed" when she was young but grew out of it as she matured.  I have attached a few pictures, hope you can open them.
Take care!
David & Peggy Stalnaker

Our Charcoal Silver Lab Scarlett has been a wonderful addition to our family, she is just 10 months old now. She has a very special personality. I have never had a dog nuzzle up to my neck and show so much love as she does. People have commented how calm she was for a pup from the moment we brought her home at 8 weeks old. Scarlett minds well and is a quick learner. She has natural retrieving ability. Scarlett will dive down in the water to retrieve a ball that is sinking. She never gives up, staying under water for 10 seconds at times. Our kids love to entertain friends by showing off Scarlett's stellar performances. Scarlett possesses a natural mothering instinct. When we are in the pool Scarlett will pace around the edge making sure we are all safe. We appreciate all the time and care Silver Star Kennels put into their breeding program. Lance and Kellyn have taught us so much about dogs and we are so blessed to have one of their dogs as part of our family. Our lives have been enriched by Scarlett and know when we are ready for another dog we will be picking up another Silver Lab from Lance and Kellyn. We can't thank you enough “eh.”
The Scansen Family

Just wanted to give you an update on Roxy. She has grown into the  most beautiful girl. I can't describe how much we adore her. No one could ask for a more loving, obedient, protective animal than Roxy.
Her intelligence level is incredible.  She is a true retriever  in every sense.  We take her in the boat on the weekends to a  secluded dog beach. She swims for 4 hours or more, never going more  than 25 feet from us.  If I swim too far out, she comes to rescue  me.  I grab onto her collar and she swims me back to shore. WOW!  She performs all the standard tricks perfectly.  We are constantly teaching her new things as she learns after only 3 or 4  tries. The true sign on sheer intelligence. Thank you, Lance and Kellyn, for our best friend and protector,  Roxy.

We are very pleased with our Silver Lab, "Tasker", whom we purchased from Lance and Kellyn.  He has already shown signs of great hunting ability and is an integral part of our family as well.  He is very biddable and is great with our children and other family pets.  He is retrieving well, takes commands, and is very intelligent.  We couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend Silver Star Kennels.

Ron and Phyllis Rice

We couldn't be happier with Reba. She is just beautiful. She is also very intelligent.  Minds very well and knows all sorts of tricks. But the best part for me is she has turned into an excellent pheasant dog.  She is doing better (much better) than my buddy's black lab that is a week younger.  She retrieves excellently and is now very proficient with her nose!  Best dog we've ever had.

My name is Travis Bacot and I received my much anticipated silver lab from Kellyn and Lance about four and a half months ago. Sterling has been an absolute pleasure to own. She is smart, obedient,beautiful, and is really starting display her natural drive to retrieve. She is such a unique dog and well behaved enough to accompany me to work in an office setting from time to time. She is a part of the family and has become the namesake for my company (Sterling Financial Network). Like any citizen of Louisiana, she loves LSU Games, Hunting, Eating, and anything involving water. I highly recommend Lance and Kellyn and Silver Star Kennels for your next pet.

If you ever wanted a companion who would give you unconditional love, protect you, and behave almost human, then you need a silver lab like my dog Coco. I can promise you, she understands exactly what I say to her, obeys immediately and couldn't be sweeter if she tried. I've never seen a more intelligent dog or a more beautiful dog. You should hear the compliments!

Everyone wants a dog like Coco, but she's mine and I'll never part with her!

Getting our puppy from Kellyn and Lance made us feel like we were joining their extended family. They have been so helpful in navigating the roads of puppy-hood and have given us terrific advice on multiple occasions. They are very informed about the breed and willing to share what they know long after a family goes home with one of their puppies

Kellyn and Lance are great people and it reflects in their dogs. I can't say enough about Newt...I actually really don't have to because everyone else takes care of that for me.  Newt is very friendly with other dogs, very aggressive when working, and very sweet to my 3 year-old son. Newt's first hunting experiences were very successful.  Newt is now almost a year old and is definitely the biggest kid in school! - Thanks Silver Labs!


Ava is the second puppy we have purchased from Lance and Kellyn.  Ava has been such a wonderful addition and the perfect companion for our adult silver, Lena.  Their temperament and intelligence has exceeded all my expectations.  Lance and Kellyn share a unique passion for the breed.  This is evident in the quality of dogs they produce and also the level of assistance they provide to individuals interested in silver labs.  Thank you Lance and Kellyn  for all your help, 

Todd Cook.        


I wish everyone could have seen how Bo picked Lance. Bo was the first pup Lance picked up to pick out his pup. When he set this 6 week old pup down, he sat by Lance’s wheelchair and would not let any other pups around him. Donna sends me a letter on all the happenings with Bo and Lance from time to time, and I love hearing every one of them. I will never forget the day Lance came to pick a pup out, and to his surprise the pup picked him. 
Silver Star Kennel

Let me start by stating that the pup that my son purchased from you has been great for our family. I’ll never forget the day that my son, who’s name is also Lance informed me that he had purchased a dog via the internet and that I would need to take him to Houston to pick the dog up. You see, Lance had recently been injured while home on leave from U S Navy, he was a passenger in a one vehicle accident was ejected and fractured his neck in three places. He was still recovery from the spinal cord injury and due to his paralyzes could not drive. So, I had to drive him to Houston/Montgomery, Tx (3hr. drive, 6hrs. round trip) There Bo was friendly, not afraid of anything and very active. He actually found Lance and kept coming to his wheelchair. He was and still is so adorable. This was awesome to watch because immediately  Bo took to Lance and he is still that way. This was the best thing that our son could have done is to purchase a dog, especially a silver lab. He has been a joy; extremely smart and loves family, friends and all the health care nurses and attendants that come to visit Lance. He loves to play fetch and play in the water, whether it’s in the canal, bay, swimming pool or with the water hose. He knows when to stay out of the way when Lance is eating or doing other personal things. He knows come evening time that its time for him to hop in bed with Lance to chill out and relax. He goes outside to take care of his business and does not like to stay outside very long unless we are outside. He is definitely a housedog. Take care,


Jax has been a great addition to our family. He is now 15 months old has the greatest personality. He was so easy to potty train too. He is very intelligent. Kellyn and Lance weren’t kidding when they said that you get what you pay for! He has been great with our 3 year old son as well. He is so gentle with him. Jax is a natural at retrieving. He really loves it whether it is in the water or on land. He is quite the conversation piece as well. We have met so many people while walking him. They are fascinated at how striking and beautiful he is. He truly IS a member of our family. He goes just about everywhere with us. We couldn’t be happier with Jax and would recommend Kellyn and Lance and Silver Star Kennels to anyone and have already done so numerous times.

Joey and Beth Bounds

Hi Kellyn and family -
Its been almost 2 years now since talking with you and buying our light silver puppy from you (Miles)....just wanted to let you know that he is a spoiled, highly loved and an all around wonderful dog.  He has been a great addition to our family.  He is great with our 2 1/2 year old little girl and also our 9 month old little boy.  We already had a chocolate male lab and they are the best of friends (inseparable).  When we take him to social gatherings we get SOOOO many awesome compliments on him ("He is the best looking dog I have ever seen", etc.)  And I must say myself he is a beautiful dog.  I have told so many people where we got him and about your website.  And the thing is - is that no one has ever seen a silver lab, at least where we are from (Maryland's Eastern Shore)..
We live on the water and he goes swimming everyday, he dives all the way under and will stand on his back two legs and look at us.....he is something and he gets to go on the boat everyday with my husband and he loves that.  And no matter where my husband is, you can find Miles right at his side.  He listens so well to not even be 2 years old.   So just wanted to let you all know how much we enjoy him in our lives and in our family.......
Sincerely yours,
Jenny Jones & Family



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