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AKC Registered Silver Labrador Retrievers

Silver Star Kennel takes great pride in raising the best silver labs in the world. Our Silver Labrador Retrievers are healthy, beautiful, extremely intelligent and very loved. Not only are our silver labs beautiful, but excellent retrievers. We want all of our dogs to be great family companions, as well as outstanding bird dogs. We personally train all of our silver Labradors in obedience, hunt test and gun dog training.

Silver Star Kennel breeds and raises 3 color variations of labs; light silver, charcoal silver and silver-factored (chocolates, yellow and black).   A silver-factored chocolate is a lab that has one silver colored parent, therefore, carries the gene, but not the color. A silver-factored chocolate lab can produce silver puppies when bred back to either a silver or silver-factored lab.

Silver Star Kennel males range from 80-100 lbs., and the females from 55 - 85 lbs. We believe you could not add a better family or hunting companion. Our customers are very important to us. We stand 100% behind every puppy we sell. Silver Star Kennel continually hears back from customers. They are amazed at how intelligent, as well as loving, their dogs are. If you make the choice to add a Silver Labrador Retriever to you family, prepare to be stopped by many admirers.

Silver Star Kennel offers a 26-month full health guarantee, including hips. We remove dew claws at 3 days old, worm at 2 wks. 4 weeks and  6wks with Safeguard (Panicure) We also give the first round of shots at 6 wks. of age.

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